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Date of Birth
15 November 1951, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Birth Name
Beverly Heather D'Angelo

5' 2" (1.57 m)

Mini Biography

Intriguing, inspiring, and never less than interesting -- key adjectives in describing the career of Beverly D'Angelo, which has well passed the three-decade mark. Perhaps deserving better movies than she generally found herself in, she nevertheless was always an object of fascination and the one to watch...whatever the role. Hardly the shrinking violet type, Hollywood counted on her for her colorful personality, down-to-earth demeanor and scene-stealing capabilities.

Born on November 15, 1951, in Columbus, Ohio, the daughter of musicians Gene (bass player) and Priscilla (née Smith) D'Angelo (violinist), her maternal grandfather, Howard Dwight Smith, was the architect who designed the Ohio ("Horseshoe") Stadium at Ohio State University. Part Italian, she once attended an American school in Florence, Italy.

Initially drawn to art, Beverly worked as a animator/cartoonist at Hanna-Barbera Productions before moving to Canada to pursue a rock singing career, To make ends meet she worked as a session vocalist and sang anyplace she could -- from coffeehouses to topless bars. At one point the teenager was invited to join up with rockabilly legend Ronnie Hawkins. Beverly's acting career started up when she left the Hawkins band and joined the Charlottetown Festival repertory company. She was touring Canada as Ophelia in "Kronborg: 1582", a rock musical version of Shakespeare's "Hamlet" when the renowned Colleen Dewhurst caught a performance and saw promise in both Beverly and the show. Eventually musical director Gower Champion got into the mix and the show was completely revamped, becoming the rock musical "Rockabye Hamlet", which made its way to Broadway in 1976. While the show itself was short-lived, Beverly's Ophelia attracted fine notices and she soon found herself on the West coast with film and TV opportunities. After this point, she seldom returned to the stage but did star alongside Ed Harris in the 1995 off-Broadway production of Sam Shepard's "Simpatico", which earned her a Theatre World Award.

A role in the TV miniseries "Captains and the Kings" (1976) led to bit parts in The Sentinel (1977) and in the Woody Allen classic Annie Hall (1977). A string of co-starring roles followed with First Love (1977), the Clint Eastwood starrer Every Which Way But Loose (1978) and the film adaptation of the hit counterculture musical Hair (1979). Best of all for Beverly was her powerhouse featured performance as the one-and-only Patsy Cline in the acclaimed biopic Coal Miner's Daughter (1980). Both she and Oscar winner Sissy Spacek (as fellow country singer Loretta Lynn) expertly supplied their own vocals.

Playing everything from tough-as-nails prostitutes, party girls and barflies to rich, prim widows and depressed, alcoholic moms, most of Beverly's output was solid during this time. Playing happening kind of gals, she customarily rose above much of the standard comedic or dramatic material given. An interesting gallery of offbeat characters came her way in a number of hit-or-miss features: Paternity (1981), Finders Keepers (1984), Big Trouble (1986), Maid to Order (1987), High Spirits (1988), Cold Front (1989), Daddy's Dyin'... Who's Got the Will? (1990), The Pope Must Diet (1991), Man Trouble (1992), Lightning Jack (1994), The Crazysitter (1995), Merchants of Venus (1998) and Sugar Town (1999). She also sang in a few of these films.

Beverly attracted mainstream notice as Chevy Chase's beleaguered wife in the comedy spoof Vacation (1983) and its three sequels. Stronger roles came with such films as the English/Irish production The Miracle (1991) and the Neo-Nazi film American History X (1998). She was also a favorite of director John Schlesinger who used her in Honky Tonk Freeway (1981) and Eye for an Eye (1996), among others. In the spoof Pterodactyl Woman from Beverly Hills (1997), in which she served as associate producer, Beverly gamely starred as a chic Beverly Hills housewife who turns into a flying prehistoric reptile by night.

On TV, Beverly scored well as matricide victim Kitty Menendez in Menendez: A Killing in Beverly Hills (1994) (TV) and earned an Emmy-nomination (and arguably gave the best performance) as Stella Kowalski opposite "Hair" co-star Treat Williams in the TV remake of A Streetcar Named Desire (1984) (TV). Other topnotch TV mini-movies included Sweet Temptation (1996) (TV) and Judgment Day: The John List Story (1993) (TV), in which she played Robert Blake's devout wife. On primetime she has been cast quite assertively in recurring parts -- lately she has been spotted on "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit" (1999) as a defense attorney, and on "Entourage" (2004) as a talent agent.

Beverly's off-camera romantic life has been just as interesting. Following her relationship with "Hair" director Milos Forman, she married Lorenzo Salviati, an economics student who also was an Italian duke. She left Hollywood and lived with him in Europe, but separated after two years and returned. A six-year relationship with Irish director Neil Jordan was followed by one with Oscar-winning production designer Anton Furst; this ended tragically when, just weeks after their breakup, he committed suicide. A former union with the volatile Al Pacino produced twins Olivia and Anton, who were born in 2001.

These days, Beverly's career on camera has remained secondary to the raising of her children. Occasionally she has made use of her vocal talents performing at L.A. nightclubs and with a jazz band that included brother Jeff. From time to time she still lights up the screen as a brash professional or somebody's colorful mom; whatever time she has on screen, whether major or minor, it is always welcomed and never, ever less than...interesting.

Simon Baker

Date of Birth
30 July 1969, Launceston, Tasmania, Australia

Birth Name
Simon Baker-Denny


5' 10" (1.78 m)

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Mini Biography

Simon Baker was first recognized in 1992, when he received Australia's prestigious Logie award for Most Popular New Talent. Upon relocating to Los Angeles with his family, Baker was immediately cast in the Academy Award winning film L.A. Confidential (1997).
IMDb Mini Biography By: Grace Z

Rebecca Rigg (1998 - present) 3 children


He and Rebecca are very good friends with actress, Nicole Kidman. Rebecca has known Kidman for many years - they met on the audition circuit in Australia. Kidman is youngest child Harry's godmother.

As a teen, competed on a state level in surfing and water polo.

He was one of the singers/dancers in the band Euphoria's film clip Love You Right.

Children with Rebecca Rigg: Stella Breeze (b. 8 August 1993), Claude Blue (b. 1998) and Harry Friday (b. 19 September 2001). Nicole Kidman is Harry's godmother.

He, Russell Crowe, and Guy Pearce were all raised in Australia. All three of them also appeared in L.A. Confidential (1997). Baker is the only one of the three who was born in Australia. Pearce was born in England, Crowe in New Zealand.

Voted among People Magazine's 50 Most Beautiful People (2002).

Named among Fade-In Magazine's 100 People in Hollywood You Need to Know in 2005.

Former bricklayer.

One of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People 2009.

Naomi Watts is godmother of his son Claude.

Older sister, Terri, is a doctor. Has three half-siblings.

His parents, drama teacher Elizabeth Labberton, and school grounds-man Barry Baker, split when he was 2.

He and wife Rebecca met in 1991 on a blind date at the Royal Hotel in Sydney's Paddington.

Personal Quotes

"If you can't be proud of what you do, go and sell shoes. Do something else."

Kym Johnson

Kym Johnson (born 4 August 1976) is an Australian former professional ballroom dancer, model, and television celebrity. She lives in Sydney NSW, Australia but is currently based in America for Dancing with the Stars. Prior to dating ex dance partner Tom Williams, Johnson was engaged to Australian cricketer Shane Watson.

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Dance biography

Johnson began dancing at the age of two. She began ballroom dancing at 13 years old.[1] In 1998, she and her partner, Lithuanian Tomas Atkocevicius, placed second at the Australian Dancesport Championships in the Open Amateur Modern Ballroom. They also were finalists as the U.K. Ballroom Championships at Blackpool. She retired from competitive ballroom dance in 2001, but continued dancing on stage.

Since 2001, she has appeared in a number of events and films, including:

Burn the Floor, a touring ballroom dance production.
Performing at Elton John's 50th Birthday party.
Dancing at the Blade Runner launch party
Dancing in the film Strictly Ballroom

Television appearances

Kym Johnson became a celebrity after appearing on Dancing with the Stars, a televised ballroom dance competition.

She appeared on Seasons 1-3 of Dancing with the Stars in Australia in 2004 and 2005. In Season 2, she and her partner, television presenter Tom Williams were the winning couple; they both then performed in the Champion of Champion series. Kym also made a cameo during the 4th Australian series Dancing with the Stars Grand Final, performing with musician Alex Lloyd.

In early 2006, she appeared on the Australian program Celebrity Survivor on behalf of the Merry Makers .

Later the same year (2006), Kym appeared on season 3 of the US Dancing with the Stars, partnering with talk show icon Jerry Springer. They proved to be very popular and were the 7th couple sent off. During the series Kym wrote a Behind the Scenes' Diary for OK! Magazine Australia.

Kym later continued to tour America with the Dancing with the Stars Tour, but was unable to perform in every show due to an arm injury.

Kym returned to the ballroom on 19 March for Season 4, this time partnered with member of N'Sync Joey Fatone. She became the runner-up professional dancer of this season.[3] After the completion of Dancing with the Stars, Kym and Joey Fatone celebrated by going on the inaugural Mediterranean cruise for the Disney Cruise Line. The two performed for the ship's guests on 2 June 2007. Billionaire Mark Cuban was her Season 5 Partner. They were voted off in the fifth week. In season 6 she competed with magician Penn Jillette, but they were the 1st voted off in the Double-Elimination in the 2nd Week. Johnson competed on season 7 partnered with former NFL Player Warren Sapp. They finished in 2nd place behind Brooke Burke and Derek Hough. This was Kym's second time being the professional runner-up.

Kym returned to the ballroom for Season 8, and she was paired with actor David Alan Grier. They were eliminated in the fifth week of competition on 7 April 2009.

For Season 9, Kym was paired with Donny Osmond. Donny and Kym were crowned the champions on 24 November 2009, making Kym the only dance professional to have won the title in two different countries. During this season, Kym wrote a Behind the Scenes, blog of her experiences for

In Season 11 Kym was partnered with Actor & Businessman David Hasselhoff. Unfortunately Hasselhoff and Johnson were the first to be eliminated, making it the second time she was eliminated in the first round including the double elimination in Season 6.

Along with Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Ashly DelGrosso-Costa, Kym appears in the DVD Dancing With The Stars: Cardio Dance.

Season 12 of DWTS, see's Kym partnered with professional athlete Hines Ward. During rehearsal after Episode 19, Kym suffered a neck injury, and reported that she was "shaken up" but will be all right. Kym and Hines were crowned Season 12 champions on 24 May 2011.

Melissa George

Date of Birth
6 August 1976, Perth, Western Australia, Australia

Birth Name
Melissa Suzanne George

Gorgeous George

5' 7½" (1.71 m)

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Mini Biography

The second of four children, Australian native Melissa George was born in Perth, Western Australia in 1976. The daughter of a nurse and a construction worker, George initially expressed interest in various forms of dance rather than acting. During her childhood, George studied tap, ballet, and jazz, later transitioning into professional rollerskating - similar to figure skating on ice.

By age 16, George had won several awards at various National Rollerskating Championships in Australia, and subsequently began modeling after dropping out of high school. George met a casting agent while doing modeling work, and was given a role on the popular Australian soap opera "Home and Away" (1988); George moved to Sydney and worked on the show for three years until deciding to pursue other projects.

In 1996, George left Australia and moved to Los Angeles in search of bigger roles. She garnered various supporting parts in films such as Dark City (1998) and Steven Soderbergh's crime thriller The Limey (1999), before landing a key part in David Lynch's acclaimed neo noir mystery film, Mulholland Dr. (2001). While in Bali in 1998, George met future husband, Chilean filmmaker Claudio Dabed; the two were married in late 2000.

The early 2000s would have George playing bit parts in several American television shows, including "Friends" (1994) and "Monk" (2002), ultimately landing a recurring role on the hit "Alias" (2001) alongside Jennifer Garner and Michael Vartan. Through the later part of the decade, George had roles in various horror and thriller films, beginning with the 2005 version of The Amityville Horror (2005), as well as the commercially-successful thriller Derailed (2005/I) alongside Clive Owen, Jennifer Aniston and Vincent Cassel.

George finished the decade with several more horror films, including Turistas (2006) and 30 Days of Night (2007), as well as independent horror titles such as w Delta z (2007), The Betrayed (2008) and Triangle (2009). George was also active in television work, landing a role on the popular medical drama "Grey's Anatomy" (2005). Her greatest critical success would come with a role on "In Treatment" (2008), playing the love interest of Gabriel Byrne, which would garner her a Golden Globe nomination in 2009.

Though a veteran of television in both Australia and the United States, George has achieved considerable success in her film career, which has hardly spanned over a decade.

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Superstar Nora Aunor covers Preview Magazine’s November 2011 issue!

The Superstar is back in glamorous Pinoy couture on Preview’s November cover.

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