Saturday, August 28, 2010

What The Best Part Of The Last Exorcism Movie?

I've watched The Last Exorcism last nightand it was fun, but there's something left in my mind, just like what this movie about? is this movie real? I think this movie no educates the viewer with the satanic cinematography,and it will make peoples scary with no reason. I think Hollywood should make good quality movie instead dging money from scary movie. what do you think about this movie? what the best part of this movie? give the comment below!

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UFC Results : A Nightmare!

Oh I'm quit for while some celebrities News, gossip, and other stuff. Last night i'm watching UFC and it was the best show ever since they started the fight show. and here some UFC Results from last night.
  • Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar beat BJ Penn by unanimous decision
  • Randy Couture beat James Toney by 1st round submission (3:19) via arm triangle
  • Demian Maia beat Mario Miranda by unanimous decision
  • Gray Maynard beat Kenny Florian by unanimous decision
  • Nate Diaz beat Marcus Davis by 3rd round submission (anaconda choke)
  • Joe Lauzon beat Gabe Ruediger by 1st round submission (armbar)
  • Nik Lentz defeat Andre Winner by unanimous decision:No title
  • Dan Miller defeat John Salter via 2nd round submission (1:53) with an anaconda choke
  • Mike Pierce def. Amilcar Alves via submission (kimura) at 3:11 of the 3rd round
I guess this one the funtastis UFC resulst ever, Nate Diaz and Frankie Edgar was some my favourite. Good Luck for them!

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Friday, August 20, 2010

Trashy Taylor Momsen Mocking The Hater

Gossip Girls star Taylor Momsen show again her rebels side, the 16 years old babe just going uncontrolled. she's always looks provocative and extra controversial in the same time, i had to admit she was the one who can do this behind the skank girl, Miley Cyrus. just look at her concert in London recently, the immature girl look slutty when staged with her trashy band the pretty reckless, or could we say "the slutty reckless" which absolutely suitable name with their attitudes.

when the concert was going, only Taylor get press attention, the skank girl spotted wore the sluttiest dress ever. Oh My God i can believe it' this girl need to rehab, what the hell she's thinking?. when the one the paparazzi asked her about her sense of fashion, she said that she like to be a provocative and sexy in the same time, she added why most peoples dislike her fashion taste because she's still 16, which mean she was an underage girls. but the interesting one from here Momsen mocking the haters and called them the scumbag.

I think you the one who deserves to called scumbag Taylor, look at the mirror and try to find the good one from you, i guess you can't find that because you a whore!. I just can't wait until this snob will get fate same as like Lindsay Lohan experience, and get thrown to trash bag. Who the hell she was think of her?Madonna? well maybe mini Madonna! but Madonna at least have some class and genius whore but you Taylor you doesn't have anything to make to the top, you just get famous from some trashy drama series called Gossip Girls or can we say Sex in the city teen version. hope this trash will get flop and disappears soon , I just can't stand the bunch of stupid teens try to act like they are Desperate Housewives. it's gross and bad role model to the young audience.

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Well if you want to look some trashy Taylor action, you can check this video below!

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