Saturday, July 31, 2010

Angelina Jolie Shocking Photos Outbreaking In A Magazine

Hollywood actress Angelina Jolie recently rocked the media with the advent of her wild photos using illegal drugs, released by Star Magazine. The woman that famous through the film "Tomb rider", surprisingly showing her dark side that has not known by the general public. Angie, her nickname, looks very vulgar in photographs taken by one of her closest friends. it's very embarrassing if it was a genuine nature Angie, considering she was always known as an actress who is always praised by the audience of the film for good behavior so far. but it seems it will not last long, considering that now everyone knows who is the actress which starred Changeling, who nominated her as best actress on academy awards.

The photos were of course very embarrassing, because Angie looks so wild and uncontrollable. in the photo Angie was capptured plastered breast while enjoying drugs. it's looks Angie really enjoyed all these actions, as for this to be a justification of who was Angie. A wild woman, once said by author of her unauthorized autobiography, Andrew Morton. Morton himself was the author of a book called Angelina: the unauthorized autobiography, a book which describes the figure of Angie through his eyes. Angie did not wait on the existence of the book, giving rise to that Morton just looking for sensation. but apparently what was said by Morton through his book look like will become a reality. In his book, Morton also says that Angelina is a strange and crazy woman. He mentioned some Angie indecent acts including doing nasty on the red carpet and the general public, plunged into the swimming pool after the movie awards show, kissing the mouth of his younger brother, James Haven, and the collection of her knives and her jewelry. it was really scary!, he added.

The photographs even according to some sources could be the beginning of the cracks of her household who had been beaten by many feud. Her relationship with her husband, Brad Pitt would be more severe than previously preached. brad, will go out of Angie's life if he knew the photographs, said several sources.

Brad-Angie relationship was said to have been experiencing a tide. British media reported that the couples had been files for divorce. however, a spokesman for the Hollywood pair denied it ,saying that the media doesn't know anything about life of this couples.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Oh No... Jessica Simpson's New Boyfriend Is An Golddigger

Jessica Simpson has not yet find her true love, looks like her adventure to find real love not yet come true. After separated from her former husband Nick Lacey, Jessica always fall to one and another bad boy. From the bastard Dane Cook to Drunken hunk, John Mayer. Now she fell to another bastard, Eric Johnson, the former NFL player who don't have anything to make his higher while dating a big superstars like Jessica.

Eric Johnson, the former football player have nothing job to get any money to rescues his life. Reported by press after his divorces with his wife, he lost a half of what he had, including his House, so according some sources he was homeless temporarily. so because of that he lived at Jessica's mansion in Beverly hills.

Lately reported that the tall men spoiled with free trip to Italy which including spend in hotel which cost $3.000 a night plus, dinner in the expensive restaurant and hanging out with Jessica in $ 5.000 a day chartered yacht. and after both returning to L.A, Jessica snapped buying clothes and sneaker for her spoiler boyfriend.

This situation of course made Jessica's friend and family worried, one her Friend even fears Eric using Jessica for her money. “She’s been paying for everything in their relationship, and it doesn’t seem like Eric intends to stop that anytime soon,” a well-placed insider told Star Magazine this week. “He isn’t making money, and he’ll lose half of what he does have when his divorce is final. He’s pinching pennies wherever he can.”

Wow! what a gold digger men!

Christina Milian Divorce In Pregnant Condition, Said Her Husband Is A Liar

Each days many Hollywood couples decided to divorces, after the comedian Kelsey Grammer and actress Sandra Bullock divorced, now time for Christina Milian, singer and actress faces divorce with her famous husband, The Dream. The AM to PM singer told the media that her husband filed to divorces with her just nine days before her baby was born, and she got really pissed.

The diva said that her husband was lied about the status of their marriages and not mentioning about he cheated on her. She also said that if the court should grant the divorces, it should not based on the dream claiming that their marriages was irretrievably broken but because he cheated on her.

Christina seems very devastated from this situation and facing men like dream was such a nightmare. dream was just disgusting men ever, she made Milian signing a settlement agreement where both parties waived alimony or ownership right's to the other person's property. and the worst part was Millian said that the reason why she signed the paper was because the dream brought the papers to her bedside when she was pregnant-nine month and no condition to sign the paper.

What a Disgusting men the dream was!

Christina Aguilera And Nicole Richie Are BFF!

Christina Aguilera and Nicole Richie spotted by Paparazzi while they enjoyed night in Voyeur nightclub at Beverly hills. Both moms seems very happy and they looks like so close each others. The two celebrity enjoying their single day as mommy with some refreshing entertain.

Both Mommy wore jeans and white T-shirt with some exotic accessories. both looking sexy even they already have children. The singer and the TV Reality Stars already make comeback to build their career again. Christina who married with Executive Marketing Music, Jordan Bratman and already have a son, Max Liron Bratman busied promoting her latest studio album Bionic. She's make many appearance on TV to make her latest single Not My Self Tonightkeeps getting better on charts. The Beautiful singer also noted keep promoting her first big role movies Burlesque which will be out on November this year. Though busy, Christina know how to make her life happier.

While Nicole Richie besides busied raising her two Children, the daughter of musician Lionel Richie was planned to released her second novel Priceless. the reality TV stars noted as a successful designer. her line called Winter Kate becoming huge and make her as Entrepreneur of the Year by a Magazine. Winter Kate itself was taken from her daughter name Harlow Winter Kate Madden. Richie also had another child Jamie Sparrow Midnight Madden from her married with rock band member Joey Madden.

The two was very close after Christina's son Max and Nicole's daughter Harlow were born at the same time on the same day in the same hospital in Los Angeles on January 11, 2008. but according to the Hospital, Richie beat Aguilera for an hours.

I was wondering why they not planned to make birthday party for their children? it will be reduce the cost!

Katie Price Quits Singing,Desperates To Promote Her New Novel

Katie Price holds her new book "Paradise"

British glamour model, singer, actress, best selling author Katie Price a.k.a Jordan knew that she wasn't selling anymore. well it was proved when her singles "Free To Love Again" failed to make any good move on the chart and certified as flop. And suddenly Katie announced that she's quit her music career. But this not her big deal, in fact , before that she's expected her flop in music industry.

Katie Price with her daughter, Katie looks very cute with that baby stuff, don't she?

To Make payback from her failing in music, she's will be launches her new book called "Paradise". To be author already make much money for Katie, her previous books "Angels" becoming best seller even Katie wasn't the real Author, she just paid ghost writer to wrote her fairy book. Paradise will be next big thing for Katie.

Alex Reid Promotes her wife new novel " Paradise" in a Hotel with Holds a Billboard.

But the funny thing from this situation was even the previous book was successfully and sold out, Katie Price insecure with her new book, overshadowed by her failing career music. and the worry person of this is her husband, Alex Reid. Alex was aggressively promotes Katie's new book with his way. Bringing the Billboards to promotes Katie's new novel, Paradise in a Hotel, Alex seems so desperate. I know Katie was sad following by her music flop but i don't she will happy with Alex way to promotes her book.

Don't you think her husband so desperate?

Katie Price has decided to quit music career after disappointing sales of her debut single Free To Love Again

Christina Aguilera's Movie "Burlesque" First Look!

Hot divas Christina Aguilera show the world how talented she was. The singer noted not also dominating the music industry but she got her "lost talent" in acting field. The beautiful singer will be released her favourable movies called "Burlesque" in August. this movie also staring another Mega Divas Cher. Christina said she was happy to work with Cher, "I love no-bull-(expletive) women, and she's the best of the best," Aguilera says of Cher, who plays Tess, owner of The Burlesque Lounge. "An original trendsetter in her time and a legend in mine. I found her kind and warm. She had helpful advice and stories for days."

The idea of the movies was very Cinderella story, and Xtina played well the character. she said that the character actually reflecting who she was. "It wasn't just a girl who comes to L.A. and makes it big. It was a girl who had suffered and felt pain, been in seven foster homes. She doesn't let her past make her a victim. And that to me was so appealing."

The director of the movie, Steven Antin praises Christina and said she did good job. Antin added that Christina's act had Movie stars quality. "She figured out how it works within weeks. She is a little bit of a freak of nature and a perfectionist. This girl is a movie star.

Christina also said that she wrote four song for the movie soundtrack along with Etta James Classic song At Last. This will be Christina's big project because it will shown the creativity of her. "It's sexy, it's sensual," she promises. "The whole idea of burlesque has always intrigued me.

Even acting is great, Christina said singing will always number one on her heart so it doesn't affect her career in music. and if this movie get success responses, she will be continuing in acting. but what if this movie fail to seduce the public?, well I guest she will quit from acting.

Good Luck Xtina!

Taylor Momsen Manages to Outraunchy Miley Cyrus On Her Music Video

Maybe she’s only 16 years old, but Taylor Momsen, the Gossip Girl star, singer, Model plus trouble maker show the world that age doesn’t stop her to being slut in Music Industry. Just look up in her new videos called “Miss Nothing” with her band “Pretty Reckless”. This girl absolutely undeniable plus she’s just rock our mind. I mean, wher’s her parent? They should step in because this girl already complete mess.

On the video Momsen reenact the Last Supper, go to the table and thrown anything to ground. It’s absolutely disgusting because she’s did that with disaster outfit and make up. Her attitude in the video completely too racy, plus the Gossip Girl star show her sexual attitude and make the whole video gross.

What happened to Momsem was absolutely sad, because she’s following Miley Cyrus as the trouble teen and bad role model for the young girls who look up to them. Miley the controversial artist and famous actress from Serial TV hits Hannah Montana becoming parents worring person after her attitude and her racy outfit in latest several her music videos and performance. In addition Miley planned to acts in adult theme movies and she told this thing will started her carrer as adult person even she was not adult yet.

BTW Momsen also dishing Miley for some her racy videos. Momsen also said that all Disney stars was absolutely mess, but most peoples think that she was just jealous of this Disney stars because as you know she was one the Hannah Montana auditin girls along with Miley Cyrus, Demi Lovato, and Jordan. But this audition won by Miley who actually audited for lily character not as the main character, Hannah Montana/Miley Stewart.

Well Taylor seems you just show the wold how mad you are because you rejected by Disney!

Check her Miss Nothing Video Below!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Paris Hilton Caught Again

Paris Hilton caught again using drugs Recently this week. The Millionaire chick however denied that she using drugs, but apparently arrested by the police. Before that miss Hilton ,also charged using drugs while she was in South Africa to watch world cup 2010 but she's released because no evidence to make her guilty. But seems like this one she's gonna make her way to the jail with former her BFF, Lindsay Lohan who thrown to jail for 90 days for alleged of using heavy alcohol.

Paris in fact already got experience in jail before. in 2007 she was get thrown to jail for her crazy driving and danger to other peoples. She was depressed at the time and ask an "freedom" to Californian Governor and former Hollywood actor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. Paris finally released shorter than expected and confessed that jail experience made big change to her.

However Paris seems doesn't changer and proved the world that with money someone can do anything. I just wonder why this girl seems so happy go to jail?

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lil Kim Gave an Advice For Lindsay Lohan

Forget about her covered the GQ Magazine, Lindsay Lohan, the singer, rock star, teen actress and trouble maker, finally had supporter, she was Lil Kim, another former jailed celebrity. The Lady Marmalade on a perjury conviction related to a 1999 shooting outside NYC radio station Hot 97 so she knew all about serving on jail and probably thinks 90 days is laughable for the mean girl.

Check it out the interview below:

Friday, July 16, 2010

Mel Gibson-Oksana Grigorieva, an Lose-Lose Tragedy

Mel Gibson and her no longer Girlfriend, Oksana Grigorieva show us Love without marriages is nothing. well it proves with some embarrassing incident that happened between the couple. they fought each other until now, and doe's see the end from this feud.

Gibson with his bad temper show us he's not a good man(well at least in my opinion). this old Australian loser was absolutely terrible, he feel good about himself after punching his girlfreind several time features some swearing, threatening and a few jab that make Grigorieva lost her teeth, ouch!. but right sure his will regret what he did because he will going to jail, and the former boo try too demanded some money from this loser with evidence some video staring Gibson threatening her. Gibson sooner will take embarrassing and the painful experience of his life.

While his girlfriend, unfortunately had already take the bad thing, with some jab and other bad things which Gibson gave to her. The Russian sweetheart seems not innocent as Gibson think. she was smart girl with angel and demo heart. it proved when the Russian demand Gibson specific amount of money to keeping the secret tapes, well it was embarassing tape surely. You go girl kick the loser ass!

The point from this tragedy was, whether Gibson or Oksana will learn something from this situation, marriages before doing sex!

Even Going To Jail, Lilo Still A Cover Girl

Lindsay Lohan proved even she get thrown to jail for 90 days, she's still media princess it shown when she covered GQ Germany for August issue. on that cover Lilo look fierce even Little bit porn. but the interesting one that this issue dropped the exact same week the troubled starlet was sentenced to 90 days in jail. But unfortunately the article from this issue doesn't mentioning about Lilo going to jail, but it still important to read about. The spread shot by Ellen Von Unwerth, the photographer from Germany. The photo shoot features some lilo's Exotic look including poses with guitar , a bow and pair of uggs. for addition Lilo looks very blonds in this spread, she's pretty hot.

Meanwhile it seems GQ is fan of Lilo, it proved especially when the mean girls covered the GQ US for two time (2004 and 2007).

well congrats Lilo, at least there's people outhere still love you, I hope youo from the punching tragedy!

Gossip-maniac.blogspot is the best place to get the latest celebrity news, gossip, pictures, videos, and more

Behind the scenes video

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

American Idol Personalities Compete To Make Own Reality Show

Although American Idol did successfully doesn't bring many the reality show stars just seat and just stand from the only one their money sources. Many these personalities launch their own reality show, from the judges such as Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Randy Jakcson and even the host show Ryan Seacrest try to their fate on to show business. What they did was absolutely become an phenomenon on show business news. in fact their own created reality show had good rating since the launching.

Lately reported that Simon Cowell will be bringing his singing competition "X Factor" to America and this show will compete with his ex-reality show "American Idol" for attract many viewers. Paula Abdul, Ryan Seacrest,and Randy Jackson soon followed debut their show with dance theme show. Abdul, the former American Idol judge, debut her own show called "Got To Dance" on CBS, she's not only a judge on the show but also the executive producer. The dance competition will be play many different dance with different genre. Paula herself happy with the show because it associated with her hobby and her old job, dancing.

“I’ve spent the better part of my life teaching, mentoring, nurturing - working with so many talented people - and I consider myself truly blessed to be able to continue to do something that I hold so dear to my heart,” quoted Abdul as saying.

While other judge Randy Jackson also planned to create his own show based on dancing theme. his show called "Randy Jackson Presents: America’s Best Dance Crew" already aired several since a month ago and aired in MTV, randy said work with MTV already was his wild dream since a long ago.

“I have always wanted to do something with MTV,” Randy said. “MTV has the biggest voice, especially as it relates to music, dance and entertainment. I’m happy to be joining with them on this show — it’s the hottest show, finding the best dance crews in America. The show is going to be blazing hot ’cause that’s the way the Dawg always does it — hot!!

In other hand, the Host of the show, Ryan Seacrest also had his own reality show. just same as Jackson show, Seacrest show also based on dancing competition, on this show he will be work together with world famous choreographer Laura Ann Gibson. Gibson who already be named of productions Lad Gaga's Video Such as Telephone, Paparazzi, and Love Game. Secrest has already found success with numerous other shows including Keeping Up With The Kadarshians, Kourtney and Kloe Take Miami, and Denis Richards: It's Complicated.

Well it's clear those peoples need to work hard to famousizer their reality show not overshadowed by American Idol. In fact nobody know whether their show it's gonna be success or not. It could be Major Success or Completely disaster. we'll see!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Try Anything To Get Her Out From Jail

Lindsay lohan seems very working hard lately. After being rumoured that she's punched by the waitress last week, reported that the mean girls spent part of her holiday at ed alcohol class in Glendale. According to media this crap she did to convinced the judge that she wasn't an alcoholic bitch even there's many evidence that she was a drug and alcoholic hard consumer. for you information Lindsay's SCRAM device revealed a blood alcohol level of 0.04 after the MTV Movie Awards, it's proof this bad girl didn't wanna change!

So Lindsay, what's next have you do if the Judge didn't convinced that you already become a good girl? well I guest the jail is the answer, I hope her fate doesn't same as Paris Hilton jail experience.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lindsay Lohan Got Punched!

There you go bad girl! well it's look like Lindsay Lohan got the worst gift ever on her 24Th birthday party. lately reported that the mean girls got a jab from a waitress from the club that the birthday party was held. there's no clear reason why the waitress that had name "Jasmine Waltz" punching this trashy girl but according to an source, Waltz seems jealous to lohan because the mean girls hanging out with her former boyfriend, Doug Reinhardt on that cocktail party. For your information, Doug also was Paris Hilton ex-boyfriend.

Lohan stated that she had no idea why the waitress punched her. "A waitress just hit me – punched me for no reason,” the Machete actress Tweeted moments after the alleged incident.

Jasmine Waltz herself confirmed denied the punching incident even tough that she want to. Wow sounds like treath. Go away Lindsay, there's many peoples hate you now!

Why Shakira Upset With The Official Anthem FIFA World Cup 2010?

Really Shakira? I know your trashy song's called "Waka Waka" was more popular than K'naan beautiful song's "Wavin Flag" but Waving Flag more grateful and give a good message than your song. it seems like she's not satisfied being the first artist to get two consecutive in the row to singing for World Cup(2006 and 2007). but why she's complaining?

Actually FIFA organization gave big opportunities for this Colombian untalented singers, she's just impolite to said that her song's didn't come up to be the firs pick for this event. Come on Shakira don't use your another trashy soccer theme song to get back your pasty fame, just creates a new another good song's like "Whenever,Wherever".

In otherwise K'naan song's become popular and Coca Cola decided to used that song's for their commercial advertising. It's good because I'm tired of seeing Shakira to shake her butt and give that for Young's viewer, How slut she was!

Do You Think Cristiano Ronaldo's New Girlfriend Hot?

Well I don't think so, it's look like the CR7 just only want to have fun with this Russian supermodel. She's less attractive that any former Ronaldo's girlfriend. I just can't imagine why he likes this girl that have name Irina Sheik. It seems Ronaldo had loss his persona to attract hot young women because he soon will be a father :(

BTW why her last name Sheik? is she a Muslim?. well i don't know but it's very clear she was not to beautiful for me even she's got supermodel status. Just kidding! :) She's hot CR7!

Carrie Prejean Married

Maybe alot of peoples in America hate her right know, but it's clear that Carrie Prejean is tough girl. She showed us that truth is very important in this life. She's also prove that in God hands, we can do anything. She was a good role model for alot of young women.

Well I guest today was her special day, because finally the former Miss California got married to her boyfriend, NFL superstar, a quarterback from Oakland Raiders, Kyle Boller. This couples had been together since February 2009 and already engaged after that.

E! Online reported that the wedding party was "beautiful", Carrie wear a mermaid gown while her partner wore a steady tuxedo. The party had been held in Capella Church, located inside the Grand Del Mar hotel in San Diego, California. it seems everybody look happy told the news.

Carrie become famous on her answer on same sex marriage asked by controversial celebrity, Perez Hilton. the answer was great because she said what was she tough right. it's funny because many peoples hate her because she give an opinion to answer a question that she should be answering. But whatever it is, Congrats Carrie!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Comedian Kelsey Grammar Divorce

Another sad ending stories from Hollywood stars, Kelsey Grammar, 55, the comedian had been filed for divorces with her wife Camille Grammar,41, the former Playboy Magazine model. this was so tragic because they already together for 13 years and have 2 children from the marriage, the daughter Mason and son Jude.

The reason of the split confirmed by Camille was "irreconcilable differences", with another reasons that she cannot explained. the couple last photographed out together at Tony Awards on June 13 in New York city. they look very harmony and there's no sign that they will separate after that show.

but whatever it is, I hope they consider more about their decision, and come back together as happy couple. Amen.

Lynda Carter Happy With "Wonder Woman" Changes

Do you still remember about superhero comic that famous in 1970's?. yep she was "Wonder Woman", this superhero story also bring to on screen with Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman looks already make sensation in that time, halter top and spandex become popular fashion at 70's. but all of this will changes, when DC Comic unveiled a hip new looks for 21 Century Wonder Women version.

On this version alot of differences from original one, Jacket and leggings. Lynda Carter herself confirmed that she was happy with this changes. "I think it will take time for people to get over not seeing alot of legs" she told ABC. she added that it's going to be very sexy and the new wonder woman is going to be a hip girl.

J. Michael Stracysznky who was the new writer of the DC series, said that Wonder Woman was long overdue for a makeover.

well seems like Wonder Women is going to conservative, but I think the new looks was cool but doesn't show feminime side as woman. what you think?
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