Thursday, September 30, 2010

Britney Spears Scared of Glee Cast

The comback pop queen once again will be hit the silver screen, reported  lately the Womanizer singer will be joining the musical hits on the sequel version of Glee Britney Spears episode. Many her fans cannot wait for this movie releases on next month but the there's little secret happened on the set movie. the source tell that Britney scared of glee cast and made such uncomfortable atmospeher for the crew and cast. The 29 years old women looks akward than usual maybe because she was nervous to the strange peoples. 

According to the sources Britney Spears had weird phobia of strange peoples, this is the reason why she supposedly snubbed the cast when filming the cameo of Glee Britney Spears Episode. Sources say Britney’s dread of human contact stems from situations in which hordes of overzealous fans have swarmed her, which actually isn't that far-fetched. The Enquirer says Britney was scared of the Glee cast ... and all strangers for that matter. 

One of her close friends said that Britney loves glee, but akward when meeting the cast because in her mind she will be ask authograph, get photo together and other thing that she won't do it because the trauma that happened in her life(refers to the shave head incident). On her twitter account she wrote some praises fror the cast and fans. once she tweet "“Awww Heather Morris is sooo cute!" and another tweet such as "Brittany S Pearce. Ha! She was so fun to work with and was really sweet in person.” Regarding for making this movie she tweet "I loved it! Thank you guys SO much for making this happen!”  but in the end she said, One part admittedly scared her, though, “Jane Lynch scares me. [She] is hilarious and scary all rolled into one.”

Oh.. Britney girl! why now you so shy to other peoples?  you cehck the first clip of Britney Spears Glee Episode below.

Australia's Next Top Model Annouce Wrong Winner, Disaster Mode on!

The very embarrassing moment happen on final show of Australia's Next Top Model. The show hosted by Sarah Murdoch becoming disaster when the supermodel announcing the wrong winner Kelsey but recalled back that the real winner is Amanda. Sarah Murdoch suddenly panic when she knew that there are human error on decision winner but Murdoch refused to calm down and the atmosphere on the show deeply freezing.

Many peoples on the net said this was fake and only to made a publicity stunt which important to boost the Top Models alumni career. meanwhile these videos had becoming top trending on YouTube. In my opinion if this was true, Kelsey for me the real winner because she show her professionalism when disaster happened, Congrats to Kelsey. But Amanda great too so congrats both. You can watch the TV quality of video below and do not forget to make comment.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Christiano Ronaldo's Girlfriend Is Not Soccer Fan

Irina Shayk, Model and footbal star Girlfriend's Christiano Ronaldo make such shock coment recently. She said she wasn't soccer fan and doesn't like to watch football match. and Question is what the reason she dating Ronaldo? well for sure I had to admit Ronaldo is rich,handsome and fame but it doesn't mean he was attractive guy. Irina stated that he loves ronaldo but he doens't like anything about soccer, maybe she want to said that she dating ronaldo for money and fame because it the right answer for her statement.

The supermodel from Russia always look sexy in every magazine. She was one of the model for Victoria Secret and living mostly in New York where her agent in there.The funny is even she said that she doens't like footbal or soccer the Russian born model spotted watch Spain Vs USA football match in New York with her lover, Mr Player, Ronaldo.

Shayk also make some headline in svereal magazines with her beautiful body pictures, here some photos you can see.
Hmm...seems Mrs Ronaldo have something special more than soccer fan chick, you are lucky men CR7...

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jane Fonda Talks About Surgery

The phenomenon Many of women willingly to do plastic surgery, also received attention from senior actress Jane Fonda. The Sex symbol in 1968 on the film "Barbarella" was also reveals all about cosmetic surgery, which also she wrote in a new book about aging.

Actress and feminists insisted that she had no hidden suffering of her decision to diving operations under the knife to look younger, and she hopes to justify her actions in a recent book.

The 71-year-old star told Entertainment Tonight "I recently did plastic surgery, it was a difficult decision to do, and I decided if I'll do it, I'll tell the truth. I'm writing a book about aging . I can not write the book and did not say that I've undergone plastic surgery. "

"I just decided, do not want any bags under the eyes that makes me look tired," she continued.

Jane also thanked her nutrition adviser which has given her the standard of living.

"I was careful about what I eat, I stay active, alot of walking made me look healthy," she said

Again, Kellan Lutz Shows His Sexy Body on Ads Campaign

Twilight Star Kellan Lutz has been stripped to exploring his sexiness fin underwear ads for Calvin Klein (CK). Now, the handsome model was re-indulgence in the chest to promote the new CK collection.

Kellan certainly know how to make a man feel insecure. In addition to the excellent actors acting, Kellan also has a boyish appearance and a lot going on inside him.

Starring Emmett Cullen in the series "Twilight" has been stripped off and let the "his little brother" Calvin Klein ad campaign starring the latest. So that was launched from The Sun on Thursday (16/09/2010).

Just last week, Cristiano Ronaldo showing her sexy body to the world in the latest Armani advertising campaign. Now turn the 25-year-old man who show his body for a top brand CK.

Kellan who was then seen no shirt wearing only green boxer with Calvin Klein brand written on it. This extraordinary pose looks ready to seduce women.

How, do you tempted?

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Easy Way To Enlarge Your Breast

HAVE A large breasts is the desire of many women around the world. Unfortunately, many women choose to have a shortcut, through expensive high-risk surgery. This is a big problem that causes less confident femininity, but actually very easy to solve. There are millions of women around the world who want to have larger breasts. And to do so, could the easy way. That is, you should get a large supply of estrogen into the body. Estrogen is a female hormone that is responsible for making the body more curvaceous and larger breasts. It is also the reason why so many women who have larger breasts when they are in puberty. During puberty, you'll see these hormones are pumped through the body to make the change from a girl into a woman. Estrogen to pave the menstrual cycle, which makes your body shape looks more curved, and breasts began to grow.

The reason behind why many women who do not have breasts like they want, because they enter puberty too early. Where this is preventing a well-developed breasts. Similarly, as reported by Legal Times of India, on Wednesday (09/15/2010). From the age of 12-16 years, the body of a woman filled with estrogen. It is a condition of puberty, where there has been time most of the changes in a woman's body. However, when puberty stops, then the level of estrogen in the body is reduced drastically. Where these conditions left breast size in adult female body. This means, to make breasts grow larger naturally only need to consume more estrogen.

Fortunately, estrogen is a natural ingredient that can be obtained from various plants and herbs. Estrogen can be found in plants called "Phyto-estrogen" (literally translated as plant estrogens). In addition, you can also eat estrogens from food, such as hemp, soy, even know. A variety of estrogen-rich foods can be consumed in order to make breasts grow larger until one or two bra cup sizes. But you need to be careful, because there are certain levels of estrogen are effective, and can leave unwanted side effects on the body

Don't you Think Lady Gaga Overrated?

I'm never like Lady Gaga a.k.a Stefanie Germanotta, but i have to admit she's the drama queen of entertainment world. I mean she had the skill to get all attention to look to her. just look out her at MTV VMA 2010 was held recently at Nokia Theatre in LA, her drama continues and this time will will be big because she got huge nominated for her overrated music video Bad Romance. At the award show Gaga wear varied dress including meet dress which expected will get PETA condemnation. and not surprisingly she got, PETA finally send Gaga a messages about the meat dress even they knew the dress actually wasn't the real meat.

As expected before the tranny win big at the award show, she got 8 awards from 18 nomination including the prestigious one, Video of The Year. When Video of the year announced by the real Diva Cher, Gaga took it and suddenly singing some word: Born This Way!!(nut). Later she told that the word was the title of her next Album which scheduled out in this December. And of course many Gaga Monster(nickname for Gaga fans) can't wait the Album out although they even don't know like what the music will Gaga presents in her third studio Album. Will you buy her new album? I hope not.

But here's the deal, every day we always serves by media about Gaga, Gaga music and other her overrated stuff. All about her even the not important one always being cast on the Internet, and make us bored sometimes. Think it: How come Gaga's meet dress issue overcome the 9/11 memorial ceremony news?Somehow peoples crazy sometimes to think Gaga more important than tragedy issues, it was shame on media! they just used by some Illuminati rich corporate to make Gaga, the Illuminati Queen keep shining in the Showbiz.

Gaga also noted the annoying singer all of time, don't you remember one of her unclassy moment at the Yankee's match? she give F-bomb finger to the audience. Even Jerry Seinfield said that he hate this woman. There's nothing special about her voice nor her dances ability, her music also horrible to heard, so why many peoples like her?I know because she was crazy and raunchy right? this is insane, she have to banned from television, i don't want the kids watch her and try to be like her. Oh...I hope this trashy tranny will fade soon, she's just overrated and boring, and i can't wait for her flop time.

What you think about her?

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