Wednesday, September 21, 2011

‘Working Mom’ Magazine Offers Exciting Twists

The start of a new season calls for new beginnings.

This October, Working Mom magazine dares its readers to walk into this most awaited time of the year with an open mind for exciting twists to traditional party menus, options to delivering a baby, ways to get a marriage on the right track, and a new perspective on the workplace.
What’s on the menu?
Counting the days to your child’s big day? If you’re still clueless about what to serve your tot’s little buddies, worry no more. We’ve called in five professional chefs to dish out exciting recipes for kiddie parties that all your guests will surely find delightful—regardless of their age, or culinary sensibilities.
Water baby
Mom Works host and parenting expert Maricel Laxa-Pangilinan once again graces the cover of Working Mom magazine to share with us her new joy—Solana Emmanuelle. Maricel, who was already past 40 when she gave birth to her fifth child by water birth last August, proves to us how new blessings often lead to an opportunity to try new things.
Marriage SOS
Knowledge is power, even in the realm of marriage. Relationships between husbands and wives may be a roller-coaster of emotions and situations but if you know when the highs and lows hit, you’d have a better chance at simply enjoying the ride. A marriage expert from the Love Institute gives us a sneak peek into the different stages of marriage and some valuable tips on dealing with relationship issues every step of the way.
Tips from the Work Doctor
Has the work zone been letting you down lately? Or do you feel like a complete failure in a fledgling career? Maybe it’s time to change gears and shift into a different perspective. Our resident work doctor offers precious tips to turn a string of failures into triumphs by simply acquiring the right mindset.
Check out out Working Mom’s amazing October 2011 issue at your favorite newsstands. For more information, log-on to
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