Monday, September 26, 2011

Hand Tattoo For Women

Hand Tattoo For Women

It is a brave woman who opts for a tattoo on the wrist as it is a very distinctive look that takes confidence to carry off. Apart from the face, the wrist is exposed most of the time so hand tattoos for women in that area certainly stand out. Whether giving directions, pointing across a room, shaking someone’s hand or writing, the focus of attention is frequently on the hands. Our wrists and hands are constantly moving even when we eat or if we gesture when talking so it is difficult not to notice anyone with a tattoo design in that location and will be sure to pass comment.

These tattoos are particularly popular with females as they are a permanent ink version of a bracelet, like a very personalized piece of jeweler that speaks volumes about your personality and character traits. Your choice of design and style is very apparent here so make sure it gives the right message about you.

Rebellious souls expressing defiance against convention may go for a plain, solid band in black ink around the wrist, ideal for those who enjoy a minimalist approach to life. For more girly girls hand tattoos for women in a floral chain design around the wrist are very popular while a band of interlocking patterns suggests a well balanced soul.  However, if you want to suggest a less sensitive soul opting for barbed wire or aggressive flames will make it clear you are no push over.

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